Yes, I Write Devotionals

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

I was asked by a peer about this blog and her question was “So, you write devotionals for a living?”.  I had to sit and think about the question for a minute- do I?  I never saw my posts as devotionals.  Yes, I supply scripture when applicable.  Yes, I usually talk about God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, etc.  Yes, my posts are usually encouraging, uplifting and tackle real life issues.  But, I don’t supply the prayer at the end and I don’t mandate that each person reading come to God.  All the devotionals I’ve read contained a prayer and demanded salvation.  Don’t get me wrong, those things are good things- in fact, great things!  It’s just that, everyone doesn’t come to Christ at the same time or pray the same way.  I used to look at those prayers and change the words to match my life/ situation.  So to answer her question, Yes- I write devotionals.  My posts aren’t like other devotional posts and my tactics aren’t the same as others but each day I wake up to inspire you, to inspire you to look at the world differently.  I wake up each day to encourage you, to encourage you to be honest with yourself and others.  Each day I wake up to share truth, the truth of God’s love, forgiveness and desire for relationship with you.  In this desire to share what I have walked through; we talk about love, betrayal, sex, soul ties, depression, suicide,etc.  We address things that people refuse to talk about in church and we try to learn how to love others the way God desires for us together.  I may do some poetry, I may give you a quote and a picture, I may give a scripture- sometimes I won’t; but all in all- I write devotionals as a hobby and I enjoy it!  

Until next time, 

Mo 🙂 


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