Love Equaled The Cross

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!  Today is a wonderful day, whether you are single or in a relationship. Over the years, I’ve learned that one of the greatest love stories was not “The Notebook” by Nicholas Sparks or some Rom-com movie featuring Julia Roberts, the greatest love story is the story of the cross.  Days like today, when I reflect on love and how I see it in my life- I dwell on the One who loved me before I loved myself.  Jesus came and He died for me, knowing that I was a mess- He still died.  His sacrifice is the epitome of great love.  So today, instead of dwelling on who’s in your life or who isn’t- focus on the One who sacrificed His life for you.  I know that some of you guys didn’t ask for this sacrifice, but He still chose to make a way for you to be reunited with the Father.  He still wanted you, so He died and He rose.

Love is sacrifice, it is giving your all for those you care deeply about and Christ demonstrated this with the cross.

Wishing you love and happiness. 

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this! Be sure to check out my page!


    1. Mo says:

      Thanks! Will do 🙂

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