Poetry inspired by the hearts of others…

1.What defines a relationship?
A  friendship stemming  from loyalty.
2. Do you understand me?
I'm honestly seeking an answer for our foundation.
3. What about our lack of communication?
It's frustrating to experience life with you.
4. One + One = Two...but are you sure?
because I feel like One + One = One
5. How could your heart I have won?
When you're not even sharing that with me.
6. Who do you expect me to be?
In the longevity of your life.
7. Is it side chick or wife?
Since you placed me to the side to seat your ego.
8. You know?
I don't want to be someone's second priority.
9. Do you even want to choose between your ego and me?
Let's see....
©Simone Holloway, 2015

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