It’s Going To Be Different This Time.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Monday!  I hope each of you are having an amazing day filled with love and great memories. In other news, this weekend I celebrated my 27th birthday!  My friends threw me a surprise dinner party and it was so much fun.  I have the most amazing friends.  It took a long time but I’m so happy that the Father gave me friends who genuinely care about me. I’ve spent so long connected to people who cared more about my potential for success and less about me as an individual.  It’s refreshing and the amount of love shown through calls, texts, gifts and the like drew me to tears. It feels so wonderful to be loved absent of conditions.  You never know whose for you until the chips are down.  If I could encourage you with a word of wisdom: cling to and invest your time and energy into those people. Commit to those who are committed to you, the real you!    Anyways, I wanted to share my heart with each of you.  So, let’s go!

It’s okay to believe that things will change. In fact, I encourage you to resolve that things have changed already.  I believe that we miss out on the wonder of God, looking at our lives as if things are the same.  Simone, what do you mean?  I’m so happy that you asked. We look at our new friendships through the pain of our old ones.  We measure our new love against the toxic romantic partners of the past.  We look at a similar opportunity and automatically determine its success or failure relative to what we have attempted before.  Lastly, some of us even dream, plan and/or strategize within the limitations of our last failure.  When the Father makes all this new, things change and it’s okay to believe that what you’re seeing is different this time.  Better yet, let’s go even further.  We sometimes look at people with whom we share a history as being the same person when the Father has done a work in their hearts.  People change from the inside out and it’s okay to believe that it’s different this time.  This is why partners who divorced can reconcile and remarry.  People who do the emotional work change and their interactions with those they love become different.

What if I said that you were viewing your season wrong?  You’re looking at your same partner, job, or routine as being what it’s always been and God has flipped the script producing change.  I did not recognize the winds of change in my life until I looked at a roundtable of the people that I love.  I realized that my interaction with them was different because I was different, I changed for the better! So to those who had bad experiences with love, friendship, ministry, or business – I invite you to try again because it is going to be different this time.  Try again! Shoot your shot again!  Have a conversation again!  Do what you feared again and hope for a new result because you are new.  Things are going to be different this time.

Well, that’s it for tonight but I love each of you!  Thank you for joining me on this journey called life.




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  1. Darazizi says:

    Belated happy birthday dear. God bless you so much. You’re such an incredible and amazing person. I’ve really enjoyed interacting with your posts for a while now. Keep up the good work. Welcome to a new year of life in Christ. I pray for grace to do more and be more… All that He’d have you be. I pray He blesses you beyond your imaginative desires.🥰🤗


    1. Simone says:

      Thank you so much!!! I truly appreciate all of your support, prayers and love! 💕‼️


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