A Love That Lies.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Tuesday!  Today has been a day of spending time with the Lord. I love it when I get a chance to spend an ample amount of quiet time with Him.  As I was speaking with Him, He started speaking to me about true love.  True love is a love that is built-in truth devoid of lies. How many of us are accepting what we think to be true love but it is really one that lies?  Think about it… when someone we love initiates the “L” word we get so excited. The phrase “I love you”  makes us feel good but when it is followed by abusive behavior, we realize that the love expressed was not true.  Behavior is the evidence of whether the love given to us is indeed true.

Let’s take a moment to chat about romantic relationships:

Sis, he loves you yet he cheats on you…

He loves you, yet he ignores you…

He loves you, yet you cannot depend on him.  He cannot be relied upon…

He loves you, yet he does not give anything to you (time, affection, prayer, etc.)…

His words and his behavior does not line up- sis, it’s a lying love.

Let’s take a moment to talk about friendships:

Sis, they love you but they do not support you…

They love you, but you are not safe to be yourself around them…

They love you, yet they share all your secrets…

They love you, yet they are not consistent with you.

Their behavior and their words do not line up- sis, it’s a lying love.

I’m not going to get started with the lying love experienced in religious settings, in familial relationships, and in work environments.  It’s not real if it’s not built-in truth. True love is love proven by behavior fueled by the truth.  You do not have true love if you have to utilize the tools of deception to get it or to maintain it.

Ask yourselves loves if the love I’m accepting is true?  Is this love rooted in truth? Furthermore, does the behavior of those who claim to love me match the definition of the word?

I used to justify toxic behavior and say, “Well, I know they love me.”  That was not the truth.  These people did not love me, they loved the access they had to me.  They loved that they could do whatever they wanted and I did not have the guts yet to check them on their bad behavior.  Loves, those days of receiving any kind of love/treatment is over.  We take care of that which we value.  Loving in truth symbolizes to your friends or your partner that you value them.  You value their vulnerability and emotional safety with you.  Allow the love you give to be rooted in truth.

Rid your life of lying love.





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