A Clean Break.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Wednesday!  I don’t know about each of you but to be only fifteen days into the year, life is so good.  This year feels full of hope and seems to capture a wonder that I believe many of us were missing before.  I’m just getting a moment to settle down and I thought that we would talk about breakups.  Yep, breakups those things we avoid but are in actuality good for us. Even though we strive for beginnings, we need endings.  We cannot have one without the other.  We need things to die, in order for other things to live.  It’s the nature of our world and it is the ordinance of God.

What if I told you that in this season that in order to remain in freedom, you must give your past a clean break? 

Deliverance is a derivative of a decision.

Once you decide to be free, you must become adamant about retaining your freedom. The best way to keep your freedom is by ending the ties to your past through a clean break.  For example, say that you are walking away from a toxic relationship: unfriend your ex on social media, delete the contact and resolve that at this present moment you all cannot be friends.  This may be uncomfortable for some of you, because you are the toxic one in the relationship, seeking to retain access for your own selfish means.  We have a problem letting go of things that we want to have access to.  If I can be transparent with each of you: my last break up had to be a clean break because if not, I would have journeyed into year eight entertaining an on-again and off-again relationship.  You don’t need these people as badly as you think you do, in fact, they need you!

What will you do to maintain freedom?  Will you remove toxic things from your life (connections, relationships, habits)?  Will you be intentional about shutting the door to that which is comfortable and familiar?  Or will you have a clean break- a decision that says I’m breaking up with_______________ never to return?

I’m not just talking about people.  I’m talking about fear, doubt, terrible habits, self-sabotage and really anything that comes to threaten your future.

It’s time for a clean break!




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  1. Darazizi says:

    Personally, I simply see every ending as a new beginning. Sometimes you simply need to start afresh. A lot of us are afraid to do so because we’re already so used to a routine lifestyle and breaking free from that, could often leave us wondering what next? Helpless about what to do with ourselves and our time. But I’d say, out with the old, and in with the new. I believe strongly in the replacement theory. There simply won’t be a void for long. Our lives aren’t meant to be made up of blank spaces, something has to fill them. The point is filling them with teh right things and people. Forming healthy habits and relationships and doing away with every form of toxicity, either person or habit. The greatest need of our lives would always be an intimate relationship with God, once we’ve solidified that, everything else would fall in line and pleasant places…


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