Slow Your Roll Sarah!

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Wednesday!  The first week of February is almost over and it feels like time is moving swiftly.  I was prepping for the day, talking to the Lord about a few things he’s promised when these words came to my heart, “Slow Your Roll Sarah!”  I chuckled to myself because the story of my sis Sarah came to mind.  She’s the Queen that thought she needed to help God keep His word.  She’s known for her lack of faith, trust, and belief, so much so she gave her servant to her husband to jump-start the process of building a legacy.

Sarah gets a bad rap but maybe Sarah’s lack of belief was based on her own perception.  Sarah was beautiful but barren.  She has lived her entire life in a state of barrenness unable to conceive children.  Her husband loved her with everything yet she felt the constant weight of what she could not provide for him- a son.  So, when this God she’s never met, invisible in nature yet tangible in belief, promises her a son that will be born from her womb thoughts of doubt and unbelief clouded her mind.

I understand Sarah’s plight.  I get it.  To believe that you can have something that you’ve accepted may not be in the cards for you, can be incredibly hard.  I’ve felt like Sarah way too many times.  I’ve heard the promises of God and because they were seemingly impossible- I had my doubts and moments of unbelief.  These moments resulted in me wanting to help God, to help make his word come to pass because as long as I have an element of control, I can guarantee that what he’s spoken is followed through.  Yep, I’ve been guilty of being like Sarah.

So this morning, as my mind began to question the Word of the Lord because of the length of time, I saw my mind creating a plan to help.  Yet, at that moment a graceful Holy Spirit whispered that phrase to me.  “Slow Your Roll Sarah!”  Calm Down.  Wait.  Trust.  Believe.  I don’t need your help.  Today, I believe this is what God is saying to some of you- I don’t need your help.  He is competent and incredibly able to keep His Word.  He can keep his promises and He asks that we place faith in Him.

So, what does this have to do with relationships? 

A lot Loves. 

Our relationships with others typically mirror our relationship with God.

Our trust issues with people can be seen in our trust issues with the Lord.  So, if we have a hard time having faith and trusting God to come through, I can bet your dollar that we have issues having faith in those we love.  I bet we do not trust them to come through.  As a result, we place our hands in it and we believe that if we lack an element of control, what we desire won’t be done.  Nah.  Sis, wait.  Sit back, take your hands off of it, place space between yourself and your desires and wait.  Wait on the Lord.  I know it’s hard, I know it’s frustrating at times, I know you think you have the answers and solutions but learn to wait.

Sarah gave her husband her servant and the servant became pregnant.  The now pregnant servant becomes disrespectful to Sarah and Sarah is angry.  Sarah goes to her husband and complains about his baby momma, and he’s like you created this mess, you deal with it.  This is what happens when we don’t wait on God, what we created becomes nothing like we imagined and we become angry or frustrated.  Waiting protects us in the long run from unnecessary issues, conflicts, and disputes.  A lot of our apologies stem from jumping the gun.  Loves, slow down!  I promise you, God is going to come through! He may not come through when you think he should.  He may not meet your own self-imposed deadlines.  He may not come in the way that you think He should but slow down and wait.  Slow your roll, Sarah!

Have a good one.



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