Snowpocalypse 2014: 5 things to think about

Hello friends!

It’s been a little minute since we have last spoken and as I sit here experiencing Snowpocalyse part 2- I thought I would spend some time sharing with you all.  So….let’s see I going to  graduate school!  Yay! I have a clear path ahead for my future, a clear path.  It’s crazy to think about how much of a wreck I was a few months ago but thanks be unto God who causes us to triumph.  

This snowpocalypse got me thinking about a few things:

(1) The paranoia of people in times of crisis

(2) Why do we go out and get bread and milk?  Both items are perishable.

(3) How beautiful the snow can be

(4) How this beautiful precipitation can be so annoying

and finally…

(5) How intricate and detailed each snowflake is.


Why these 5 items you may ask, I have no idea- these were just the items that came to me at the time.  Everything doesn’t have to be some deep revelation, trust me – I know.  I’m sitting in my college apartment reflecting on the mindset of individuals in a state of crisis.  Just yesterday, I spent the afternoon in the grocery store picking up a few items that we ran out of in my apartment. I picked up the important things such as toilet paper, cookies, chips, etc…things to get by as a college kid.  It’s senior year, second semester, and chips are really on my grocery list as a necessary item, go figure. lol.  Anyways, I watched individuals go into survival mode, large grocery carts were filled to the brim with items that would go bad in a few days.  I saw individuals spend money they didn’t have to get things that they did not need because of the incoming snow storm.  Can you imagine being stranded and having pop tarts to get you by?  If I needed nutrition in a crisis, my body would not appreciate a pop tart.  I’m not knocking anyone, I was in line buying chips- so I am not better or worst than my fellow neighbor.   It’s just that I began to think about how much food was going to be wasted, how many homeless individuals would not be able to get any milk or bread and how mankind is so quick to make irrational decisions in times of panic.  How many people actually thought through what they had at home and what they needed, made a budget and stuck with it.  When we are in times of crisis, we forget about our budgets and pretty much everything else.  That was thought number one.

Thought #2 – Why do we go out and buy milk and bread?  Things that are perishable?  Can someone please explain this to me?  Have you noticed that mankind always go after things that are temporal, perishable, things that don’t last?  Have you?  If not, you’ll realize it one day, trust me.  If you have then you can probably identify some things that we go after.  Think about it , we seek pleasures for that moment.  For example, During Valentine’s Day, we go after chocolate, some kind of bubbly drink, a valentine, teddy bear, a date for the evening.  All of these things can and probably will fade overtime.  Our food and drink becomes waste, valentines are made out of paper that fade a break down over time, the teddy bear (it’s a hard one) but it won’t last forever and that date we seek for will probably not build a long lasting relationship.  We want self-gratification and we want it now!  Bread will mold, milk will go bad yet we stand in line for hours to pay a lot of money for these items.  Logical? No. A status quo? Yes.  It all boils down to a false sense of security.  We believe certain things keep us secure and will make everything alright if we have them but things can only do so much.  We try to make corruptible things incorruptible but that cannot be the case.  We are corruptible so how can we make anything in our lives incorruptible.  The only one that can make things incorruptible is the one who is incorruptible- God.  He’s the only one that can keep us secure and in snow storms, He doesn’t have to stand in line for bread and milk.

Thoughts # 3, 4, and 5: All about snow, beauty, and annoyance.  Sometimes the most beautiful things in our lives can be the most annoying.  We can have a beautiful relationship, home life, career, family, etc and they can be the most annoying people on the face of this planet.  This annoyance is not rooted in hatred or malice but rather out of love.  Sometimes we love people so much or things so much that  when things don’t work out the way it should,we become highly frustrated.  I was walking back to my apartment from class in the snowing thinking how beautiful the snow was.  As I was walking the snow began to stick to me and get in to my eyes and nose and then this thing of beauty was getting on my nerves,  When people or things are out of place in your life, they give you a feeling of annoyance.  the snow belonged on the ground, on the ground I saw it’s beauty.  When the snow was on my eyes and nose, it was out of place and was getting on my nerves.  Things are beautiful in it’s place.  What does that mean?  When the right people are in our lives, they add a layer of beauty to us.  When they are out of place but are still connected to you, they become annoying and increase your levels of frustration with them.  Your love for them fuels your frustration because you know who they can be – you see the potential and you just want to shake them to get their lives together.  I know, honey- I know! But like the snow, people have a way of finding their purpose in life, creating beauty once again.  Don’t give up on those you love, just watch them fall into their purpose.  

Lastly, each snowflake is detailed and intricate. Everyone’s purpose is intricate and detailed for a specific time(season), making your dream just as special as mine.  Dream and dream big because we need your dreams to make a better world. 

Enjoy this snowpocalypse and don’t  forget to give thanks to the One who has made everything.  

Until next time, 




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