I Forgave You


Hello old friend, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Sunday!  I don’t usually blog on Sundays because it’s my “Sabbath“- my day of rest but since I took last Thursday off, I thought I would blog this morning…

Have you ever held yourself to something you did years ago?

Have you ever done something repented and then repented again…for the same thing?

Have you ever doubted that you was truly forgiven?

I have.  Just yesterday, I did something I wasn’t supposed to and I prayed asking for forgiveness…then I prayed again asking for forgiveness about the same thing.  I probably asked to be forgiven like 20 times because I didn’t want any sin to separate me from God. Just in case, after prayer- I asked for forgiveness again.  The Holy Spirit whispered to me “I forgave you!“, I just needed to forgive myself.  I was forgiven the first time I whispered that prayer to the Father.  He forgave me the first time and He did not hold it against me.  I held my past sin against me, but God didn’t- He forgave me!

So today instead of dwelling on the past and repenting for things you have already sincerely said sorry for, choose to move forward.  Don’t return to your past sin- He already forgave you.  Move forward and stop living in the past.  Learn to forgive yourself– let bygones be bygones and strive to be a better person, strive to do good.  Enjoy church if you attend and just spend today in an atmosphere of worship for the Creator, the Savior and the Life-Giver, Jesus Christ

Until next time, 

Mo 🙂 

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