Let’s Be Honest!

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers –

Today I thought we would conquer something that we all have dealt with: Honesty.  That’s right the old H- word, Ho-nes-ty.  Honesty is something that all of us talk about, but sometimes do not practice.  Today, I want to talk about our honesty with God.

How many of us pray?  Prayer by definition is talking to God, so if we whisper a few words to him at any time, we are by definition praying.  How many of us mean what we are praying?  This means that every word that comes out of our mouths, every single word, is sincere/genuine.  How of us say things that we think others want to hear? Do we do the same thing with God? Well, do you?

I’ve come to realize that many people have a hard time saying what’s on their mind to God. Either the individual is afraid to be honest or they are ashamed of what they are going to say.  We have made honesty to be something we use when we get perfect, when we have it all together.

The gospel is not for the perfect, it’s not for those who have everything all together- but it’s for the jacked-up, the lost, the abandoned, the ones who have all kind of scary thoughts in their heads; the Gospel is for them.  How can we become free from where we are if we never talk to God about it?  How can we?  I have learned that God desires that we are completely honest.  

Sometimes we don’t have sunny days and sometimes we are not grateful and would rather complain, but that’s life and we can talk to God about these things.   God is not looking for a relationship where people tell Him what they think He wants to hear, but rather the truth.  He wants to hear the truth about how you are feeling in that moment so that He can make everything better.

Girls, why when we are annoyed and our significant other ask us if anything is wrong, we say no? We say:” Nothing is wrong.”, when clearly something is eating us up.  Why do we do that?  We should be able to be honest with our significant other because we know they love us, and therefore can be trusted with our feelings.  It’s the same thing with God, we can talk to Him about how we are feeling because He can be trusted.  When I have bad days, I go to God and I let Him know I had a bad day.  I even take this process  a step further and tell Him why my day was a rough one.  He already knows what happened in my day, so why not be honest with Him,  I find that my conversations with God and with others are more meaningful when I am completely honest.  Let’s be honest! 

Until next time,

Mo ❤

Photo Credit: http://johnrhodesday.com/


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