Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-


I shout this phrase from the “mountain-tops”, from the “valleys”, from wherever my voice will be heard the most – I REFUSE TO BE STUCK.

I refuse to be stuck in my past.  I refuse to be stuck in old mindsets.  I refuse to be stuck in old insecurities.  I refuse to be stuck in my past season, when God is trying to bring me into the new.  I refuse to be stuck and frankly I DON’T CARE if no one else goes with me.

I don’t care if I lose friends along the way.  I don’t care if the phone calls stop coming and the emails cease, I WILL MOVE FORWARD – regardless of who moves forward with me.

I will walk into the purpose that God has for me.  I will walk into my divine destiny.

 Jesus didn’t die  so I can live life stuck, He died so I could live a life of perpetually moving forward.

I am going to live a life of moving toward the good in life, no matter what!

If you want to journey with me, you can’t be content being stuck in the same old, same old. You can’t live a life of complacency and think we are going to walk through this life together.  I refuse to live a life of settling when I can have greater.

I REFUSE TO BE STUCK.   Who’s with me?

Until next time,

Mo ❤


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  1. Michelle Patrice Coe says:

    Mo this absolutely blessed me! I have been hearing “it is not the time to he complacent! ” over and over in my spirit so I am with and declare I too refuse to be stuck!

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