Something Deeper?

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

With the world being so content with the superficiality of life, I am always looking for something deeper.  In fact, this is one of the qualities I look for in a relationship- something deeper than what’s on the surface.  I look for a relationship that is open and honest, heartfelt and true, for something that goes beyond a favorite color or band.  I’m always looking for something that broaden my horizons and causes me to see the world in a different way.  I want to be asked a question that actually requires thought and not just some vain repetition that can be answered by reading my profiles on social media.  I want to be asked about my dreams and ambition, my fears and regrets…something deeper.

As I live in this world, I find that thought-provoking conversation is missing from our social lives because frankly, people have stopped caring. The problem is, I still care-about people and their lives.  The next person that comes into my life has to be able to have a thought-provoking conversation with me and hold their own.  I would like for them to have an opinion and know why they feel the way they do.  Lastly, I want to learn from them.  I want to learn about life and about myself from being in their presence….I want something deeper.  This sounds like a tedious request and one that requires some type of effort or work, but I believe that these deep conversations cause relationships to not only start but last- I want my relationship to last!  

I encourage you to be the person that pursues after something deeper in life, knowing that the shallow and superficiality of the dating game will only get you so far.  

There has to be something deeper than physical appearance.  There has to be something deeper than what’s in a person’s bank account.  There has to be something deeper than the LOLs and the TTYLs that pop up on the phone from time to time.  There has to be something deeper than a list of favorites combined, life has to be deeper and I believe that relationships should reflect accordingly.

 I want something deeper and one day I’m going to have just that!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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