Now That I Know

I think we all have misunderstandings

moments of doubt

I think we all have sad times

moments when we pout

But I have come to the understanding

that I rather live happy with a smile on my face

than to walk around with my head held down

allowing guilt and shame in my space

I don’t have time for questions or concerns

only for certainty

and as I walk through life

now that I know the reason for you and me

We were designed for a greater purpose

one that we don’t really understand

but the power of our love

will touch every woman, every man.

Now that I know what the struggle was all about

I now know the reason for the pain

I won’t give up on what we have

knowing that there is a greater reward to be gained

Those who endure to the end

will receive a crown of life

I plan to endure in this love

a midst the chaos and strife

And I now know

without a shadow of a doubt

that the definition of true love

is what we’re all about

if you looked in a dictionary

and searched the word “love”

you’d see a picture of you and me

hand in hand, smiling at the sky above

We are the epitome of this word

a four letter word shared between you and me

we are the definition of love

we are the definition of free

So I’m not allowing anything 

to stand in our way 

I’m not allowing old demons and insecurities

to come and steal our hearts away

I’m not allowing the opinions of others

to cloud my judgment of you

I won’t be that girl living in confusion

when she already knew

knew who she was supposed to be with

with whom she would spend the rest of her life

knew the last name that was hers alone

knew whose she would be called wife

I won’t be her

that girl being played by her emotions

with someone not destined for her

drowning in a lovesick ocean

now that I know

I believe with all my heart

that our love was designed to bring us together

like a priceless work of art

© Simone Holloway, 2015

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This poem “Now That I Know” reflects on my own understanding of love and in particular meeting my “soul-mate”.  I think so many of us meet the love of our lives but sacrifice that love for things that aren’t important.  We allow doubt, insecurities, past issues and etc. to rob us of some of the best love stories we have ever known.  It’s like this is a “too-good to be true” complex, since we don’t believe that we can be happy and meet people designed for us- we allow anything to rob us of that God-given love.  I’m at the place in my life, where I am not allowing anything to cause me to give up on the greatest love I’ve ever known.  First the love given to me by God and then the love given to me by the one He has designed for me.  When you come to a place of certainty, you’re not quick to give up and throw in the towel…you do whatever you can to hold on to that thing that is good for you.  Don’t give up, endure even until the end.  Some are not going to agree with the person God designed for you, but continue to love that person  with everything.  I hope each of you are having a great Monday and if you ever want to talk, just email me at

Until next time,

Mo 🙂


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