The Small Stuff

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

I’ve come to the understanding that we have been projecting God wrong.  YES- I said WRONG.  We have projected God to be this uber-big guy that is out of touch with what we go through.  He is too big to care about our day to day activities,  and He is too huge to care about our small needs.  That is the projection that we have given to the world about our God.

I was reading about Elisha today and the story of the ax falling in the water.  Are you guys familiar with that story? Anyways, the prophets were cutting down trees with axes and one of the men, his ax head fell into the water.  This man was so disturbed because the ax did not belong to him, it was borrowed.  So Elisha gave the man instructions and the ax head began to float on top of the water so that it could be retrieved.  The man got the head of the head of the ax back and continued about his business.

This story seems very small and trivial, like who cares about an ax head and a man?  The point of the story is to show that God cares about what we deem small, trivial, and unimportant.  God cares about our day to day needs.  He cares about our emotions and the feelings of our hearts.  God deeply, genuinely cares about us!

When we let go of this idea that God is too big to care, we will find our Christianity (faith in Jesus Christ) to be more rewarding.  Why have a relationship with someone who does not care?  God isn’t like that – He cares about everything.  He cares about disease and he cares that my dog is not feeling well.  He cares about poverty and he cares about my house having a leak.  He cares about the big, small and in between things in our lives because He loves us.  Love cares about everything.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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