It Wasn’t All Bad

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

I find it hilarious that when something goes wrong between us and those we care about, the only memories we have of them are negative.  It is as if in that moment, all of the good times no longer exist and that our memory has no happy times to reflect on.  It’s just like the enemy to get us to focus on the bad when there is so much good around us, even in the people around us.  I remember having a spat with a friend and the only things I remembered about him were his negative traits, convincing me that being friends with him was not a good idea in the first place.  The problem with this type of thinking, is that this mindset will rob you of some of the most amazing people, experiences and things in life.  People change, things change, places change with a goal of becoming better.  So I can’t look at people from my past here in the present- in the same light, especially if  many years separate our last encounter.  A lot can happen in a year.  In fact a lot can happen in a day, so I need to keep my mind open and ears listening to what’s being said to me.  We all deserve second chances and just because some bad things happen doesn’t mean that they are bad people- maybe misguided but not definitely (without room for change) bad!  I love the gospel because whether you are rich or poor; a businessman or a thief there is always room for change in Jesus.  He causes us to change our attitudes, mindsets, perceptions, and He helps us see the good in the midst of the bad.  So when that person who wronged you stroll your way, allow your self to see them in a new light and embrace the possibility of reconciliation and change.

Life didn’t always suck, it wasn’t all bad- so reflect on those times that were good.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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