I Am Coming


The time is nigh, the hour is near.

So do not be afraid,  do not be filled with fear.

I am on My way, I’m approaching the earth.

I see the misery,  I behold the dearth.

I see the pain, and hear the children’s cries.

I know those who are telling the truth,  among those telling lies.

I see the molestations, by those carrying My name.

Yes, I know the hypocrites- I understand their game.

Evil has grown rampant, justice is declining.

Where’s hope says My people? Where’s the silver lining?

Hope is in this simple fact, one that is true.

I am coming,  I am on My way to you.

So do not fret children or Israel, do not fret my lovely flock.

Everything is going to be okay,  your future in My hands- I’ve locked.

©Simone Holloway, 2015

Featured Image Credit: http://world-outreach.com/blessed-hope/


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