I saw your initials and instantly my lips turned into a smile…

Mhmmm... I miss you, haven’t seen you in a while

Two distinct letters caused my tinted cheeks to redden

Here I am,  a black girl blushin’…at the thought of you.

was asked today if I was reentering the dating scene

nah, all I wanna do is lean… into you.

Don’t wanna play with anyone’s heart

Don’t wanna start

something with someone that I’ll have to finish 

this love for you, I can’t seem to diminish

no matter how hard I try



I lied

when I said you had no effect on me

thinking that at the sight of you I could just be

truly okay

your lingering presence, I just want to stay

Hmmmmm…I saw your initials today.

©Simone Holloway, 2015

Featured Image Credit:’s-pipes-high-grade-stamp.png


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