Running Backward in Fear

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

This weekend was an interesting one, to say the least.  It was supposed to have been the weekend, I moved into my new place.  Unfortunately, life had alternative plans that it failed to clue me in to until after it was determined my move date would have to be delayed.  I don’t know about you all but I hate delay!  Yet, I continued to place a delay on myself time and time again.  Ironic, isn’t it? Years would go by and yet again, there is a dream or vision that I have failed to begin by faith.  Seasons would change, yet I would remain in one season: a season of hiding, hiding from the world and everyone in it.  It was as if I was willfully ignorant to the call of God placed upon my life.  I knew God required more, yet I was scared to give that more to him.  As a girl that grew up in the faith, as a little child- I knew God has big plans for me, but out of insecurity I would make excuses as to why I could not fulfill those plans.

Everyone has this one flaw that they can’t seem to shake, I’m going to share mine.  My flaw is this tendency to run backwards when I’m afraid of what I’m getting ready to walk into.  Have you ever been pushed into a place of newness so quickly, that it overwhelmed you?  Because of this, you seek to return to the old (what’s familiar)?  I know I have, even this weekend fresh off of my commitment to God to come out of hiding, discomfort has me reaching backwards for my favorite hiding spots.   I’m reminded of the children of Israel, who the Lord delivered out of slavery from Egypt.  As soon as things got hard and this new freedom given was not what the people envisioned, they cried out of their desires to go back to Egypt- their place of bondage.  Though, things in the wilderness were not perfect, at least they were free.  Once again, the Father reminds me though things in newness seem to not be going well, at least I am free and he encourages me not to return to my life of bondage.  My places of bondage were as follows: fear, anxiety, doubt, worry, perversion, rejection, brokenness, and depression.   My new place contains: peace, love , joy, trust, acceptance and praise.  Yes, things may not be going as planned or imagined, but at least I am free.

Friends, I encourage you to kick the bucket of that flaw we discussed and let’s not respond by running backward in fear.  Trust me, we are walking through this thing together-even now.  Let’s move forward in spite of what is going on around us!

Until next time,



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