My Letter To The Enemy


Dear Chief Adversary, 

Satan, the enemy, your royal evilness- I thought I would spend  a few minutes letting you know what the deal is.  Let’s make something totally clear, you no longer have any type of control in my life.  Your influence ceases to exist and I no longer wish to take your advice concerning the affairs of my life. That being said, you have no power to destroy me, neither do you have any authority to use my members to use against me.  You have no right to dictate anything to me, neither do you have the privilege to use my past, regret, hardship, loneliness and low-self esteem to do me in.  You are irrelevant and therefore I no longer make your opinions first in my life, nor do I entertain the negative thoughts you try to give me. I belong to the King of Kings and I am covered by His blood.  He has given me power through His spirit making me bigger than you.   The fact of the matter is, you should have killed me when you had the chance.  You should have destroyed me while I was in my place of weakness, while I was susceptible to your lies and garbage,  You should have took me out when I was little, contemplating suicide- when I thought to use my hands to rid of my own life.  You should have gotten me then, but now that I am strong and I know the truth- nothing will stand in my way, especially you!  You should have stopped me when you had the chance because now I am really a threat!  I will overcome, I will tell people about the goodness of Jesus and how He had saved me from you.  I will destroy your kingdom and lift up a standard of holiness.  You should have gotten me then because there is no way that you are going to get me now.  There is no way.  I may have fell for your tricks of manipulation in the past, I may have allowed you to convince me to do some bad things , I may have even fell for your lies telling me that I was worthless and that no one cared about me- but today, your tactics no longer work and I  will no longer succumb to you.  I am going to destroy everything that is related to you, to tell you the truth- I am your worst nightmare, because with God on my side I will triumph, I will win.  Finally, Mr. Accuser of the brethren, you really screwed up when you became cocky and let me live because now I’m going to destroy you, by winning one soul at a time.  

Your mistake,

Mo 🙂 

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