Would You Die For Me?


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

Today might be an interesting post…

I was sitting on my bed thinking about what to say to you all this morning and all my thoughts summed up to a simple question: Would you die for me?  I know that you don’t know me as intimately as your family or close friends, but would you sacrifice your life to make sure I had a great one? Would you? 

Some of you all looking at this post would off the bat say NO!” Some may say this girl is crazy for even suggesting an idea like this.  Some would even say, “Simone, I love your blog and all but I wouldn’t even die for my mom so my FINAL answer is, NO!” 

I understand the response, trust me I get it! I don’t know if I would sacrifice my life for a perfect stranger.  I don’t know if I would give up everything for someone that I never met.  I don’t really know how I would respond to the question I presented to you…I don’t even know.

The reason I was pondering this question was because I began to think about Jesus.  You know the guy who gave up His heavenly kingdom, to be born by a virgin, with one simple purpose to save the world from sin.  He is described as not ugly but not attractively handsome- just right in the middle, the guy who’s been in the hearts of individuals since Christianity was introduced.  Yes, that guy!  Well I was thinking about how He must have felt leaving all that He knew to die for people He never met.  

Can you imagine leaving your place of royalty and prestige to be born into a poor family? Or to leave your place of comfort to come to earth to die an uncomfortable death?  I couldn’t do it- I would have opted out of God’s grand rescue plan.  

Jesus died for me and I wasn’t even on the scene yet.  He died without me giving Him a statement of salvation or me promising Him my life.  He died before we met, bearing my sin and my shame on the cross with Him.  That is some kind of love!  He loved me so much, He died for me with no strings attached.  He sacrificed His life so I could have the hope of a better one.  He died to give me a great life…

Sometimes, I forget how deeply Christ loves me- it is then I remember the cross.  The cross puts everything in perspective.  Christ loves me deeply, so deep that He died for me.  He gave up everything so I could have everything.  That is some kind of love…. When you feel unloved or unwanted remember that Jesus died for you.  He gave up everything so that you could have everything. 

Until next time, 

Mo 🙂 

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