Get Rid of Your Leeches

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

As promised, I am publishing another article for your reading pleasure.  I was thinking about my life and I thought about those who were “sucking” the life out of me, for a lack of better words.  There are individuals in my life that drain my energy, they take and take but never give .  So today, I decided that these relationships were not healthy and therefore should be disposed of.

Leeches.  Leeches are slimy, sometimes green ( maybe brown) worms that can be found primarily in lakes.  These little creatures are known for one disgusting habit- their appetite for blood.  Leeches are known for sucking human blood when attached to an individual, very parasitic.  They feed off of someone else’s energy.   Blood is vital to mankind’s existence- it is our the source of life. SO leeches basically suck the life out us when given the opportunity.

There are some people in our lives that “suck the life” out of us when given the opportunity.  They keep us on the phone for hours to talk about things we’ve discussed before, but are never available when we need to talk.  We spend money on them, we invite them to our events, we do “the most” for them- but they can never reciprocate what is given to them.  They are parasitic, like leeches all they do is take– they lack the capability to give. Individuals who are leeches take life but can never give life back to you.  It’s all about them, the relationship is one-sided- selfishness fuel their actions and before you know it, all the life inside of you is gone.  What made you is now depleted from you. Life begins to truly suck!

In order to live, to truly live – we have to get rid of things that will hinder us from living to the fullest.  We cannot be surrounded by takers- those who will deplete us of our energy, life.  These “leech” relationships are unhealthy and we have to get rid of them to move forward and thrive.  I want to thrive, not just survive day by day.  So this evening, I encourage you to get rid of your leeches.  If you are in a relationship (romantic or platonic) and that person is draining the life out of you, you need to let them go.  If someone is doing more harm than good in your life, you need to let them go.  I understand that we love people who hurt us, but how much can we take until we are depleted and lifeless.  We’re no good to someone else if we are being drained by a parasitic person in our lives.  We have to keep ourselves emotionally healthy so that we can love others to the fullest.

Get rid of your leeches, I promise you won’t regret it!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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