Don’t Touch That…

“Don’t eat from that tree”, God said

Don’t eat or you’ll die-

But the fruit looked so good

It was so ripe

Red, plump, desirable

The fruit looked so good

Walk away…walk away

he saw me

he sought me out

slithering and hissing

he spoke to me

deceit dripping from his lips

“God didn’t say that…”

God doesn’t want you to be like him

Eat and enjoy

Why would God keep you from something that makes you happy?

Why would He say no to something good?


That’s not the person you know

So eat and be merry

With a weak heart and a hungry stomach

I became enticed

enticed for the forbidden 

for that pleasure

forbidden pleasure

Don’t touch that

Or you’ll die

I could hear my conscience

speaking to me….


but…I couldn’t resist

I took

I ate

I gave it to my husband

He ate

We realized that we were naked

The serpent smiled

All hell broke loose 

(c) Simone Holloway, 2014 

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