Actions Cause Reactions ( A Conclusion)

Hello Authentic Lovers

Today is the last day in the Adam & Eve series. I hope everyone had a great Sunday… I thought I would end this series with a friendly reminder- a reminder of basic physics: actions cause reactions. What we do has some type of consequence, sometimes good and sometimes bad.  The lesson that is learned from this power couple is that their single action of disobedience caused the downfall of mankind…generations of people after them. Think about it! The consequence for Adam’s disobedience was the hard labor he would experience in tilling the ground for food. What once freely gave him life, would only give life after hard work. Eve would experience pain in giving birth- women all over the world hate Eve. Lol. Finally immortality would not be experienced any longer… man being created from the Earth would die and return back to the Earth.  Death was the ultimate consequence-man would forever be separated from God. One action caused a major damaging reaction.

This is why I encourage each and every one of you to think about your choices.  Think before you do because your choices not only affect you but also those who are in your life.  Think before you do.  Sometimes it’s hard to make sound decisions and it’s hard to not do things on impulse but wisdom causes an individual to be conscience of their decisions.

Think before you do!

Until next time,
Mo 🙂

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