Hello Authentic Lovers

I used to be a person that lived fearlessly, but as I experienced the disappointments of life…I became more and more afraid. Today I was sitting in prayer and thinking about the life I was living, and I decided that I was one that resorted to preceding with caution.  I was cautious about fulfilling my dreams, I was cautious about doing something, I was just a cautious little girl- and this caution made me live such a restricted life.  

My mom told me a story of how she was driving and came to a green light.  At this green light, my mom slowed down and cautiously turned into the next street.  She was cautious at a green light, a place where she had clearance to go.  That’s how I was living my life, slowing down at green lights and being super cautious: worried about what was coming around the corner.  Courage is not the absence of fear but rather how we respond to what we are afraid of.  Standing still does nothing for us…we have to move. We have to go!  

So tonight, I encourage you to live without hesitation, restraint or fear and to just go.  Move being led by the Holy Spirit and enjoy all of the crazy adventures, God is waiting to take you on.  I’ll talk to you soon!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

Featured Image Credit: http://images.bwbx.io/cms/2012-04-20/0420_reform_630x420.jpg


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