Wake Up Ready

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Today has been a fantastic day, one filled with accomplishments and just “down-right” blessings.  I was thinking about purpose and how to accomplish one’s purpose without hesitation or regret or anything and  as I was thinking- my mind went o Esther.  You see, Esther was this Hebrew girl that was chosen to be the Queen of Persia merely by what some would call coincidence.  She was placed into a position of leadership around the same time, her people would need to be rescued from the evil plan of Haman.  Her becoming queen was nothing short of the will of God, becoming royalty through marriage was her purpose so that she could save her people.  The thing that most people forget is that before Esther became queen, she went through a process of preparation for a year.  For 6 months she was bathed in sweet fragrant oils and flowery baths, and for the other 6 months she was informed of Persian customs and royal procedure while still being cleansed. Everyday, before she was presented to the king- I bet she was like “Today can be the day I am presented to the king, today can be that day.”  So what did Esther do?  She woke up mentally and emotionally ready to face her purpose.  Sometimes we wake up, but we’re not ready.  We’re not equipped to step into what God has designed for us and therefore we find ourselves wasting time and resources.  However in this season of life,  when things are happening so fast  and there is no guarantee that we’ll get second chances, we have to wake up ready to walk into our purpose.  Like Esther, everyday we’ll say “Today can be the day…” , preparing for all of the good that is coming our way.  Prepare for good. Prepare for change.  Prepare to become the person God has designed for you to be- wake up ready!

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

Featured Image Credit :http://www.sweetsunflowers.com/wp-content/uploads/wake-up.jpg

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