Don’t Expose Too Much Too Soon

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers-

Happy Hump Day! I hope you all are having a great day, let’s get started. I was sitting on my lunch break when I began to think about this principle that I’m starting to take to heart- don’t expose too much too soon.

Have any one you ever had an idea and then you begin to share your dream and like Joseph you was persecuted for your dreams by those close to you. It’s crazy how persecution doesn’t come from those in the world, it comes from those in your house- those close to you because of the possibility that your dreams of supersession could actually take place. Persecution comes not from the outward display of superseding those around you but based upon the possibility that supersession can actually come true.

People aren’t afraid of where you are right now but are scared of where you are going. The bottom line is that darlings, you’re going; to go farther than those who you attend church with. You are going to go farther than your already successful family members. You’re going to go farther than those who have this “powerful” anointing and position that came with it. You’re going to go farther than even them and honey they are TERRIFIED!!!!

So as a piece of wisdom don’t expose too much too soon – keep some things to yourself and reveal it in the right time. Matter of fact, reveal nothing. Let the Lord reveal his awesome wondrous plans in your life when he brings it to pass. The crazy thing is that those who try to hinder your purpose and block your destiny will have to bow eventually. Let’s take a lesson from Joseph’s brethren and learn from their mistakes… Greatness can’t be stopped no matter how much energy goes into bringing it’s demise.

When you go to share even to those you look up to, shhh…say nothing yet and protect what God has given you. I’ve been holding a lot of things in my heart, and God’s getting ready to manifest these things. I’ve kept my mouth shut even from my church family – I’ve kept my mouth shut because I have to protect what is being given to me. I have to protect my promise from the Lord as if my life depends on it and that includes using wisdom in who I share with. So family keep some things to yourself!

Until next time,


Simone Holloway, 2015

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