The Need for Community

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

As I become older, I realize more and more that I need people.  I need my community. For the longest, I’ve adopted this notion that I could do life alone.  In fact, I utilized pain to train me in that discipline. However, when life hit me like a ton of bricks, I realized that I couldn’t survive this life absent of community. 

We were created to have relationships with other people, it is how we come to learn and grow.  Pain will teach us a false narrative especially if our pain stems from relationships.  Trust me, I know.  I’ve been guilty of shying away from community.  I’ve been guilty of hiding parts of myself from my community.  I’ve been guilty of facing pain alone, not wanting to be a bother or burden to those that love me.  Yet, during this last season of pain, I had to reach out.  Guess what? My community reached for me and loved me back!!! They held me, they prayed for me, they spoke kindly to me and loved me back to life.  That’s the essence of community- it is a group of people who love the real you through all seasons.  Community saves us from isolation, depression and from carrying the full weight of our burdens. We need each other.

God never intended for you to do life alone. You were created to have a tribe, a group of people who will love you for you.  As we transition into a new year, do not settle for living life absent of your tribe. Do not allow relational pain, disappointments, or previous toxic experiences to keep you from allowing people into your life.  You are worthy of being loved well!




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