Growth or Excuses: You Can’t Have Both.

Hello old friends, new followers, and fellow bloggers- 

Happy Sunday!  I hope that you all are having a great day filled with faith, family and plenty of rest.  Do you know what is the number one killer of growth?  Excuses.  Excuses kill growth.  Excuses sound kind of like this:  “I would work out but I’m a little tired.”; “I would create a schedule but I don’t have time.”; “I would but…”

What if you were given a dollar for every excuse you’ve produced?  Would you have a substantial amount of money?  Would you have enough to give some away?  

As we prepare for a brand new week, let us rid ourselves of excuses. Over the past few months, I have been studying the success of the greats. Did you know that successful people turn excuses into action?  Successful people create schedules and are disciplined enough to steward their time. Successful people make a way to save money.  Successful people create an avenue to work out and focus on their physical health.  Successful people are solution-oriented individuals who take the problems given and find ways to solve them.  I have never sat with a successful person and heard a list of excuses.  Instead, I’ve listened to problems and potential solutions/ideas of how those problems will be solved.  If you want to grow:  grow in health, wisdom, or anything else fruitful- you must rid your life of excuses.  Growth and excuses cannot coincide together.

Every Sunday evening, I sit with the Lord and create a game plan for the week.  I write down each of my goals and I commit to making sure that I complete them.  Obstacles come, roadblocks appear but the goals still need to get done.  As an entrepreneur,  thinker and innovator, facing a problem is not an excuse for not completing a task.  It’s my divine call to solve problems by creating solutions.  Since I have adopted this mindset, I have witnessed so much growth in my life.  I have grown in wisdom, skillset and even in my ability to think critically on my feet.  Ridding excuses gave room for growth.

So what areas in your life are you hindering growth by fostering excuses?  How are you standing in your own way? 

Growth begins where excuses end. 



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