Free to Love

Hey Authentic Lovers!

Happy #FreedomFriday, I hope that all of you have a great day!  I am overjoyed to talk to each of you guys today, I haven’t felt this way in a long time.  You know… that feeling of pure excitement because you are about to tell your best friend the best news in your life.  That feeling.  That is how I feel right now, like I am about to spill the best secret ever.  Well dear friends…I am pleased to announce that I am free to love again.  Yep, that’s right!  I said it!  I AM FREE TO LOVE.  This is some major news for me being that I just went through heartache and really had this negative perspective of love in general.  My mom told me that when I could no longer remember the pain, I was ready to love again and that is what I experienced today.  I was sitting in my room when I felt such contentment and a warm feeling in my heart. I began to think about the last few months and I could (honest to God) not remember the disappointment or hurt any longer, it’s like my mind erased all of those memories.  I was amazed and just sat on my bed in astonishment.  Less than two months ago, my heart was completely broken.  I thought was never going to heal….never, but as I got up and kept living life- my heart healed.

God is so good because His love has the power to heal us.  He heals our past wounds with His love.  I am so content in Him and I know that one day I am going to be united with the love of my life.  God has created someone just for me.  The God I call friend and love only gives me great gifts and I know that the guy He’s giving me is the best for me.  I realized that if God had sent someone to love me, I wouldn’t be able to receive them because I was still broken.  I am no longer broken.  I am no longer bound to past hurts and regrets…I’m free.  Free to love. Free to enjoy my life with another.  Free to fall in love again.  I no longer have any type of hesitation  or doubt, I no longer question my judgement or live in fear- I am free.  Perfect love casts out all fear, I am free to love fearlessly!  

So today, I hope that you join me.  I hope that you come to the place where you are no longer broken, where you are no longer looking over your shoulder looking for pain and disappointment.  I hope you come to place where you no longer blame yourself for a broken heart.  I hope you come to the place where you can be healed, a place where God extends His love to you: making you new.  He loves you and I know that through Him, you can be healed and free to love.  I am free, how about you?

Until next time,

❤ Mo

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