Here We Go Again

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

So I just sent off my application for Law school. I remember being anxious last year around the same time when I sent off my materials but this time, I am at peace.  It’s like my heart and my mind recognizes that this is it, I am really leaving.  I’ve been preparing for my departure for some time now but as time winds down, it becomes more and more aparrent that in less than 6 mos- a new state will be my home.  I am really leaving, my life is really about to change.  Last year, I thought I was ready to leave but I wasn’t and in all agony, I dreaded the day I would have to say goodbye…but today I am comfortable knowing that instead I’ll be saying “See you later” to those I love dearly.  In less than 6 months, I’ll be living on my own- a real adult with real responsibilities, finding out what the world truly looks like away from home.  In less than 6 months, I’ll be preparing for law school- sitting in the classroom setting once again.  I feel like life presented me a second chance, a Déjà vu moment of sort and all in all I can feel my spirit saying: “Here we go again!” Except this time, change is inevitable and my moving on is definite.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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