Post-It Notes

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

Whether you are a romantic or not, I believe that we all like to feel appreciated and loved.  I know that I do! I love to write and the one way I express love when I have a significant other is to write notes.  Small post-it notes.  I love the thought of a small sentence that express the simple phrase “I love you.”  I would write notes such as “You are amazing.”, “There’s nothing you can’t do.”, and “I’m so blessed to have you…” just to name a few.  I would imagine my boyfriend’s face, as he found these small gestures, these love-filled notes.

I’ve wasted time, writing notes to individuals who did not appreciate my gesture of love. I’ve wasted so much time, but I’ve learned that love is not something that should only be given if sought after in return.  Love is meant to be given no matter what.  So I learned and I loved.  We always want to do the most as Valentine’s Day approaches, we find ourselves falling into the big gestures that lack true mening, we spout off three words that have come to mean nothing without action behind it and we find ourselves empty once February 15 dawns upon us.  So today, instead of loving to be loved in return: just love!  Love with everything.  Love in the small things, love in the big things.  Utilize your love language and like me do what you enjoy most to bring a smile to that person’s face.

I still write post- it notes and I still imagine smiles and all in all- I love without strings attached; knowing that I could never go wrong by spreading the love of God.  I wish you all a lovely day and hopefully we’ll talk soon.

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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