Abandoned House 


I walked into an abandoned house,

it was dark and grey.

Dust settled as the door swung open,

blowing on the floor the mysteries of your dossier.

The curtains were heavy and drawn closed,

my nose was welcomed by a horrendous stench.

It was the smell of dying flesh mixed with dying dreams.

Was I in a brothel? Would I meet a wench?

But no… I was someplace worse,

a place marked with brokenness and pain.

I was in the deepest section of your heart,

the place where Abel was killed by Cain.

The murderer of your dreams were words,

the words of those who created you. 

It was their phrases of death,

that in that moment made you drew –

your last hope-filled breath.

So here I was in the center of your soul,

trying to figure out what to do…

Praying that my love could fill this hole,

in the middle of the kitchen floor.

First things first, let me open you up to the Light.

Then I’ll face the mess that lays around me,

as I encounter your hellish squatters without fright.

I have a purpose – it’s time for a renovation.

Oh the places well go, as I clean up this mess. 

I’m gonna take this fixer upper,

and cultivate the very best.

You are the very best. 

©Simone Holloway,2015

Featured Image Credit : http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/File:Abandoned_House_by_Vonjuntz.jpg

“Oh The Places You’ll  Go” ©Dr. Suess 1990. 

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