Ocean Blues


Your ocean blues peering into me,
tossed like a ship at sea,
I am swept by you.
Like a sailboat expecting a sunny day,
I toss and I sway,
as you subconsciously beckon me near.
Calm and cool is what I appear,
to be,
But everything is not what it seems.
You have shaken me to the core.
More than what I could ever ask for,
is how I would describe you.
It’s true,
that once upon a time I thought I knew –
who had my heart.
But no work of art, can compare to this level of breath snatched from me.
I lose oxygen every time I see…
Invigorating, Illuminating, Exhilarating,
A tide drawn by the moon,
A current pushed by the stars.
And as I descend in this watery tomb,
I place my hand into yours and say…

©Simone Holloway, 2016


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