Unspoken Sentiments

Emotions ready to leave its hiding place

A mouth not ready to open its lips

and I

uttering my heart’s cry

in silence

await for something to forcefully open the space

between the doors to my soul

as a being seeking to be whole

I wait

wait for those who love me dearly

to see clearly

right through this facade I put up

as if I don’t get hurt

as if I don’t have the ability to feel

what’s right, true and real

around me

I stand in the earth, hoping that someone can truly see

who I desire to be

simply. free.

Until then, I’ll carry these unspoken sentiments

with me.

©Simone Holloway. 2015

Featured Image Credit: http://cdn.frontpagemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/silence.jpg

“Unspoken Sentiments” was inspired by the idea of one carrying around a burden of emotions. let downs, etc. without having a place/person they can release the contents of their heart to.  I remember feeling this way- like “if only someone near me truly knew what I was dealing with?”  “If one someone could see?” To feel trapped emotionally is a dangerous place and that’s why on this morning- I want to encourage all of you to be aware of those around you.  Be aware of how they are feeling. Pick up on what they project to be truth versus what actually is the truth.  Be wise in your approach and be gentle in your mannerisms.  I believe that God places us into the lives of individuals so that we can journey through life with them,  and how can we be effective if we are not aware of what’s going on in their lives.  God always reveal to us what is up- but, are we listening?  If you are listening- you’ll be a blessing to those God has placed into your life. Spend some time today- listening…..

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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