Peace Like A River

Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers – 

You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach that says “Everything is going to be okay”? I call that feeling peace, but to me it is more than a feeling but rather a lifestyle that I seek after.  Peace is so vital to our well-being.  It is like this secret weapon in the midst of hardship and adversity.  Peace.  And it is with peace, that I write you all on this brand new day.  God is the one who gives me peace, His gentle presence reassures me that no matter what I am experiencing- everything is going to work out for my good.  He is my gentle confidence that helps me face the world, each and every morning.  It is in Him, I can live with no fear and it is in Him, worry and anxiety becomes non-existent.  Peace.

My heart is filled with such peace, peace like a river.  It is overflowing in my heart at such an abundance, I am a little overwhelmed.  I told myself that I would not blog for a while because I had nothing to say, I had nothing to offer as I strained to breathe in my hectic life- but even now I feel the unction to share the necessity of peace.  Peace is necessary! Peace is vital! Peace should be sought after, maintained and cherished! Peace.

It is time to get rid of things that rob us of our peace.  It is time to remove the worry and anxiety-driven distractions.  It is time to grab a hold to our peace with all diligence, refusing to let it go.  Peace.  Without peace, we become lifeless, sickly and afraid. Peace. Find your peace, find the One who created peace.  I pray that today is a good one for you and I speak the peace of the Lord over you as well!




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  1. Always insightful and a great reminder.


    1. Mo says:

      Thank you so much! New pieces are coming soon – thanks for your support!


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