plates, glasses, and cups
all bathing in lukewarm water
filled with more bubbles than a canister
my fingers pruning from the length of time
spent cleaning these delicate things
made of porcelain and glass
Alas!  my thoughts run towards you
a love simply true
but like plates need a little bath
from the outpouring of wrath
a consequence of circumstances
out of our control
we just couldn't get a good hold
on what we wanted to be
deciding to cancel what was you and me
but as my pool of tears
stare into this cleansing pool I created
I realize that I miss you
to the point that I can't breathe
because you aren't near
you aren't here
so when are we
going to take the time to clean up us
to rebuild trust
to make amends amongst ourselves
to escape this hell
that we
submitted to
like it or not
our destiny is wrapped into one another
we were destined to be together
our future
blossoming within our union
comes to those who aren't paying attention
to the nature of redemption
that is being extended towards them
I could count up the sum
of your wrongs toward me
but where would I be?
harboring anger to the one I love
my gift from God above
who didn't know he was a gift
accepted shame like damnation from hell
as if under a spell
was convinced that he wasn't good enough
to be loved
by me.
yet I
willing to pry
into the depths of your heart
shine the flashlight of truth
and my love becomes the proof
that "love remembers no wrongs"
that all of the songs
about forgiveness doesn't have to come from a kiss
that mercy and grace actually exists
existing while being extended towards you
What are you going to do?

Like those dishes we need to be  cleaned up 
but, I'm waiting on you
©Simone Holloway, 2015

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