Yes, I’m Single… But No, I’m Not Looking…


Hello old friends, new followers and fellow bloggers- 

As you know, this is a relationship blog.  As you also know, I am currently not in a relationship- not because I can’t be in one but rather I am choosing to wait for the person for me rather than settling for someone to fill a spot in my life.  I’m learning as I mature in this walk with Christ, that it is better to wait on God than to jump into things and make a mess.  I’ve made so many mistakes, adding people to my life that were never supposed to be there in the first place- constantly looking for that special someone.

I was at an event for a friend at my local jazz club, the owners of the club asked her (a gospel/christian artist) to headline a gospel series at their club. I am so proud of her, her music is going beyond the four walls of the church.  I sat there and watched her sing about Jesus to those who may or may have not known Him.  Anyways…there were so many couples, all lovely in their own right and even though I was single, I felt comfortable in my own skin- comfortable enough to even sit by myself if needed.  My friend, the bass player for the band, looked at me and said “Simone, why do you look so nice?  You looking for a man?”  I replied with “No, I don’t need to look.  He’ll find me.”  He was like “Oh really? Oh ok.”

There used to be a time when I would have replied, “You know…I’m always on the lookout! Gotta do what I got to do…” but now I am at the place, where I’m not looking for anyone.  I’m living a  life in the pursuit of pleasing God.  I’m striving to help my family and friends and I am just trying to see the good in each day- yes, a relationship would be wonderful but it’s not my focus as of now.  I believe that if I spend my time doing God’s work, He’ll handle the rest of my life.  He will send that person that is just right for me.

I love the story of Ruth and Boaz because Ruth never sought Boaz out, she was busy working to help her mother-in-law. She was concerned about others and their needs, and God gave her what she needed a person to provide and take care of her.

We spend so much time looking for things to add to our own lives that we restrict God the opportunity to do the adding for us.  

So yes, I’m single but no I’m not looking for someone to come into my life.  When the time is right, he just will….

Until next time,

Mo 🙂

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